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2º Linda (Danmark)

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1º Moulay (Rabat)

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3º David (Madrid)

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Our puppies are delivered from two months of age with:

Passport, 2 or 3 vaccines, 3 deworming, Chip, proof of registration in the book of Spanish Origins (L.O.E), Health guarantee of 2 years by means of private contract, DNA testing to know the result of PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) with its corresponding Certificate even when, by kinship, the result of PLL were already known.

For export of a puppy to another country, in addition to the foregoing, the price will include:

Veterinary health certificate, any type of vaccine needed to travel and meet the requirements imposed, transfer to the airport of departure and Export Pedigree.

We can also take your puppy personally to its country international airport and deliver it by hand at the airport. The Price depends on the destination and the number of puppies that are carried out during the same trip.
All of our puppies are tracked to see its evolution and also to be able to solve any problem or question that may arise.
If at any time the customer cannot be responsible for the puppy, we must be informed and we offer ourselves to look for a good family for it, or even, as last option, to adopt it.


Fortunately, many of our puppies are booked before its birth and that is why we have imposed THE CHOICE OF PRE-BOOKING. How does the pre-booking work? Well then, it is a booking in advance to be able to impose the order of choice. The customer always knows his/her position in which it would be if he/she makes the reservation and it is necessary to detail whether male or female is wanted, color preference, if it is open to several options or possibilities (male or female, and all colors). The election will be from 10 or 15 days of life and once chosen, if there is any left without reserve, it would be put up for sale. If the costumer expected puppy did not come out or it were not the right time for whatever reason, the customer can wait for the next litter passing the turn of election to the next in the list. The customer can pass turn as many times as he/she likes without losing the reservation. Passing turn, the customer will be better positioned for the next litter if customers who were already in better positions had chosen their puppies.

The puppies can be financed and ourselves can take care of the formalities (it can be financed a part or the total amount and up to 36 months). The amount of the booking is 300 euros and it will be paid in cash or by bank transfer. The rest will be paid before the shipping of the puppy or at the time of collecting it in our house. On other occasions, we will carry the puppy to its new house. The price of each puppy varies according to whether it is male or female and if the puppy comes from external mounts or it is a baby of one of our females in property. External mounts puppies will always be cheaper because certain costs should not be faced. However, the price shall not in any case be governed by the result of PLL.

A male free of PLL and a male carrier of PLL are worth the same.

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