Miniature Bull Terrier Kennel facilities


Since it all began until now it has been a constant change as a result of a lot of effort and endless work. It never ends because we always want to improve but of course, it is already very oriented and, although there are some details left, everything important is finished.

COSTA CABANA BULL is a family kennel of 2,500 square meters for the enjoyment of our mini bull where we also have our house. Each miniature bull terrier has its own space with an independent plot of 40 square meters in which they have their little house that is 3 square meters by 1.75m in height in order to achieve good insulation from the cold and heat with 23 cm thick walls. Throughout the construction, first class materials have been used as if it were a home.

They have independent water and electricity in each unit as well as a digitally controlled sprayed water installation that refreshes them in the hot months and that they love! (This is the video of the day it was launched).

They also have a common area of 300 square meters in which there will be a small artificial lake so that they can bathe in summer (it is pending completion).

The kennel has a complete circuit of security cameras connected to our mobile phones and to the Alarm Center to be able to control and monitor our pets and thus avoid possible theft attempts.

Throughout the day, our mini bull terrier play as a group as we show in many videos that we post on our youtube channel to which you can subscribe.

We can say that in our house, our little ones are very happy having a lot of space to play and all the love of our family.

Our home is open to anyone who wishes to see our bull terriers as long as they have paid a deposit and are on our reservation list. This way we can control the situation and avoid any attempted thefts.


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