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¡¡ Welcome to Costa Cabana Bull !!

From here we want to show you our Miniature Bull Terriers and our eagerness to improve day by day... This web site is going to lead you to our dream: A PROJECT based on EFFORT and PASSION for this special breed.

Costa Cabana Bull‘s aim is to breed dogs based on the TYPE BULL LINE and adjust them to the Standard so as to achieve dogs with a MAXIMUM POTENTIAL in a MINIMAL SIZE.

We hope you enjoy our web site!!

Antonio Aguilar and Sofía Ortiz
Costa Cabana Bull Kennel

Visit you our website and see our miniature bull terrier.

We are breeder with an experience for do exportation. We have currently exported our dogs to 36 different countries: Andorra, Portugal, Marocco, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy,Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Switzerland, Turkey, Cyprus, Serbia, Kuwait, Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Brazil, Guyana, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, U.S.A, Canada and South Africa. This KENNEL is serious.

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